Semarchy Convergence for MDM Version Control features allow you to make your master data evolve along with the enterprise on the three dimensions of master data lifecycle: Content, Shape and Breadth. These features enable a fast, simple and safe iterative approach to MDM.

Model Version Control and Branching

As existing domains are modified or new domains are taken into account in the MDM initiative, version control allows to freeze and simply deploy to production the various versions of the model. It is possible to deploy, in the same location, several incremental versions of the same model that reflect successive changes in breadth (additional domains) and shape (domain changes).

Non-Disruptive Incremental Update

A version of a model can be updated and the Semarchy Convergence Hub™ implementation modified with no impact on data availability. Such updates can be performed on the Semarchy Convergence Hub™ live, with no disruption to the systems relying on the master data.

Data Version Control

Using Semarchy Convergence for MDM, you can setup a version control strategy for the golden data. You can freeze a data version (a snapshot) of the master data while opening a new data version for edits. New data versions can be based on a different data model version. Using this feature, you can guarantee the availability of the history of the master data, and switch your data to new model versions using a planned schedule.

Golden Data “As-of-Version”

Semarchy Convergence for MDM keeps track of the master data history across all versions. When accessing master data via a user interface or programmatically, you choose which version to access, including the “currently editable” version and the past “frozen” versions.

Optimized Database Storage

Version control optimizes storage of the master data. This guarantees minimum data duplication and optimized access to the master data, the hierarchies and the lineage of this master data.