Semarchy Convergence for MDM uses an open architecture for enterprise-scale deployments. The core of this architecture reinforces an unobtrusive approach for Evolutionary MDM™. The platform is secure, scalable and extensible. It supports ever-growing data volumes, and is built to be ready for the Cloud.

Zero-Client Installation

In Semarchy Convergence for MDM, the browser is the client for every user. Every phase of the MDM project, from the early design to production monitoring as well as data access, is performed through a single web 2.0 user interface.

Database Power for Processing and Storage

Semarchy’s Convergence Hub™ leverages the power of a relational database to support storage and processing. This approach guarantees the best performance for data certification, and unbeatable scalability for today’s and tomorrow’s data volumes.

Enterprise-Class Security

Role-based security is enforced in Semarchy Convergence for MDM for accessing product features. It is also used to define access privileges to the business data managed by the platform. Fine-grained privileges (to the attribute level) can be defined as part of the model design and enforced for any data access method.

Optimized Data Storage

Convergence Hub™ supports a full history of the data over time – for both data and metadata versions. The storage of this information is highly-optimized to guarantee minimum record duplication.

Open Data Format

The golden and lineage data stored in Convergence Hub™ is stored as plain database records, and in a user-understandable format. This open format offers complete transparency of the data stored in the hub.

Open Plug-in Architecture

With its Open Plug-in Architecture, Semarchy Convergence for MDM allows extending its capabilities using Java code and external APIs. Using this Open Plug-in Architecture, existing services or information systems can contribute to the master data processing and enrichment.