Semarchy Convergence for MDM comes with a consistent set of features that enable our Evolutionary MDM™ and evolves at the pace of your business requirements.

Master Data Management Modeling

Logical Modeling

Semarchy Convergence for MDM provides a fast and iterative modeling framework that simplifies the design of semantically complete master data models. It enables business users to collaborate closely with the IT department to define high-level concepts expressed using business terminology. This single point of definition of the master data and reference data enables true evolution towards business consensus.

  • Full Multi-Domain MDM
  • Unique Graphical Web Experience
  • Entities, Relationships, Complex Data Types
  • Inheritance
  • Semarchy’s Convergence Hub™
  • Security at the Attribute Level
  • Built-in Internationalization

Data Certification Framework

The Semarchy Convergence for MDM Data Certification Framework transforms source records pushed to the hub by publishers (source applications or direct data authoring), into consolidated and certified Golden Records. This process is automated and involves several phases, generated from the rules and constraints defined in the model. This framework enables the fastest time to production for MDM implementations. It allows you to start with a tactical approach and iteratively involve the business users to create a positive synergy that drives your strategic data governance over time.

  • Enrichment and Standardization
  • Data Quality Validation
  • Powerful Matching Features
  • Record-Level or Attribute-Level Consolidation
  • Model-Driven Data Manipulation Language
  • Extensible Capabilities
  • Address Matching Using Convergence for Address Verification and Geocoding

Authoring and Duplicate Management Workflows

Semarchy Convergence for MDM enables master data governance using human workflows for master data authoring, validation and duplicate records management. Using graphical human workflows, business users, data stewards and data owners can collaborate to contribute to the highest quality content for the master and golden data records.

  • Graphical Human Workflows at Design-time & Runtime
  • Role-based and User-based Task Assignment
  • Email Notifications
  • Shared Data Manipulation Transactions
  • Data Certification Rules Enforced on Transaction Data
  • Full Support for Data Authoring, Consolidation and Hybrid Hub Patterns

MDM Applications for Data Governance

Business analysts, data stewards and application users using the Semarchy Convergence for MDM-generated applications can collaborate to govern and access the master data as it is now or as it was at any point in time. This interface makes role-based master data access and manipulation simple for all users.

  • Generated Applications User Interface
  • Business Object Views
  • Business-friendly Forms, Tables and Hierarchies
  • Intuitive Data Navigation
  • Data Lineage, Trace-Back to Source
  • Master Data Metrics
  • Rejects and Duplicates Access
  • Golden Data History
  • Customizable Views
  • Microsoft Excel Integration
  • Role-based Security Enforcement
  • Internationalization


Semarchy Convergence for MDM Version Control features allow you to make your master data evolve along with the enterprise on the three dimensions of master data lifecycle: Content, Shape and Breadth. These features enable a fast, simple and safe iterative approach to MDM.


  • Model Version Control and Branching
  • Non-Disruptive Incremental Update
  • Data Version Control
  • Golden Data “As-of-Version”
  • Optimized Database Storage

Semarchy’s Convergence Hub™

Semarchy Convergence for MDM generates and deploys Semarchy’s Convergence Hub™ from the logical model. The Convergence Hub™ implements an architecture that is unobtrusive for master data publishers and consumers, and non-disruptive for existing processes. The hub includes the data certification processes, the storage structures and the access APIs for the deployed models.

  • Automatically Generated Certification Process
  • Publishers’ Data and Web Services APIs
  • Batch or Real-Time Integration Patterns
  • Lineage Back to the Source
  • Generated Web Services for Data Distribution
  • Database Power for Processing and Storage
  • Full Integration with Convergence for Data Integration

Open and Scalable Architecture

Semarchy Convergence for MDM uses an open architecture for enterprise-scale deployments. The core of this architecture reinforces an unobtrusive approach of Evolutionary MDM™. The platform is secure, scalable and extensible. It supports ever-growing data volumes, and is built to be ready for the Cloud.

  • Zero-Client Installation
  • Database Power for Processing and Storage
  • Enterprise-Class Security
  • Optimized Data Storage
  • Open Data Format
  • Open Plug-in Architecture