Menlo Park, California – 9/04/2013 – Semarchy, the Data Convergence Company, announced today that DiamondStream, a leader in marketing analytics for eCommerce and Travel & Entertainment, has selected Convergence for MDM as its primary master data management solution.

Semarchy Convergence for MDM provides DiamondStream with a single platform to centralize, cleanse, enrich, de-duplicate and consolidate over 11M patrons and 2500 casino properties in 14 countries.

“This is a game changer for us. Enhanced data quality will directly impact our clients’ marketing campaigns with better profiling, fewer duplicates and more complete addresses. Semarchy’s ability to connect our massive patron database to that of our clients’, will enable us to provide more accurate and tailored analyses and benchmarks. Semarchy also set us up to allow us to easily integrate and merge other 3rd party data into our database. Finally, with over 1 week FTE saved each month with MDM automation, we will be able to invest more time in R&D and business development” explains Iulia Stefan, Marketing Services Manager.

“This is a great representation of what Evolutionary MDM can do: going forward in quick iterations, with a learning curve of a week and visible results in less than a month” adds Gauthier Vasseur, Semarchy’s COO.

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About DiamondStream

DiamondStream ( is a marketing analytics company dedicated to helping your organization succeed in the new era of numbers-driven marketing. We’ll help you get your data organized into a warehouse model that will empower you to answer your most pressing business questions. Then we’ll build you custom reports and dashboards so you can begin to mine and monetize that data – or we’ll empower your business analysts and users to do it themselves. We will also sit down with you one-on-one via strategic analytics-based consulting to help you rethink the way you market today. Check out our website to find out more about how to put your marketing potential into motion with DiamondStream, where potential becomes kinetic.
Contact: Brian Flynn, Managing Director | (206).325.4453

About Semarchy

Semarchy ( enables organizations to consolidate and enrich master data across all their business domains. Semarchy Convergence for MDM is the only Evolutionary MDM platform specifically designed to reduce Master Data Management (MDM) project timescales and costs, for simple as well as complex master data projects.

Download the DiamondStream Success Story

An overview showing how DiamondStream used Semarchy’s agile MDM solution to deliver value to their SMB customers.