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Semarchy Brings Agile Master Data Management to Mid-sized Businesses

Semarchy Democratizes MDM — Any Sized Company Can Now Benefit From Improved Data Quality

San Francisco, CA – May 17, 2016

DiamondStream, a San Francisco-based analytics company, partnered with Semarchy to improve its flagship product. DiamondStream chose Semarchy, the leading cloud Master Data Management (MDM) software, to provide DiamondStream’s clients with superior actionable marketing insights.

DiamondStream’s core business involves making sense of transactional data for Internet retailers and casinos. Improving data consistency and cleanliness translates into tangible revenue growth for the company.

Semarchy offers an agile and trusted MDM solution to help small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), like DiamondStream, realize value quickly.

“Semarchy fit very well into the new cloud deployment we were moving toward without forcing us to change the way we do business,” said Dean Donovan, managing director and co-founder of DiamondStream. “We quickly achieved our first iteration and modified it rapidly based on what we learned.”

Semarchy’s agile approach enabled DiamondStream to deploy to production in about a month. Previous success with SMBs also allowed Semarchy to design an infrastructure to only turn on the MDM capabilities when needed, helping DiamondStream keep its operational costs very low.

“My goal was to bring MDM to the masses. We designed the product to be business friendly and provide the fastest time to value compared to any other solution in the market,” said Salah Kamel, CEO of Semarchy. “Not only do we demonstrate value in weeks, not months, but I want every one of our customers, big, small or medium-sized, to feel unique, special and empowered.”

To enhance its product and boost its data quality, DiamondStream sought an MDM solution to incorporate geography data and proprietary data from its customers. However, traditional MDM is known for being a complex and time-consuming project, accessible only to Fortune 1000 companies with deep pockets.

Semarchy’s track record in meeting aggressive deadlines and disciplined budgets made its agile MDM solution a natural fit to fulfill DiamondStream’s goals. DiamondStream selected Semarchy to perform sophisticated data cleansing, matching and de-duplication.

As a result of better quality data, DiamondStream has reduced the amount of time spent manually fixing errors. Semarchy has directly helped DiamondStream improve outcomes for its clients. And the sophisticated matching and cleansing allows DiamondStream casino clients to more effectively comply with state laws and gaming regulations.

“The revenue from our patron data is up 10-15%, and that is directly related to how much cleaner our data is because of Semarchy,” Donovan said. “With Semarchy we felt like we were working with a new-generation MDM solution that was really disrupting the legacy MDM market with its business-oriented approach.”

Hear directly from DiamondStream’s Dean Donovan by participating in the webinar, DiamondStream Success Story, on June 21, 2016 at 10:00 am PDT. Sign up now at The webinar will be recorded for replay.

About DiamondStream

Success in the evolving, fact-driven business environment requires that companies explore, mine, shape and polish data into actionable insights that drive the bottom line. In this arms race, companies require a constantly changing set of capabilities, tools and partners to realize the full potential of the opportunities at hand. DiamondStream is an analytics company dedicated to helping your organization accomplish that mission.

About Semarchy

Semarchy provides master data value in weeks not months, using an agile, value-driven approach to design and manage master and reference data. Our unique approach to Master Data Management creates value for the business quickly and cost effectively, supports all domains within one environment, and adapts to evolving business requirements.