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Semarchy Delivers Infinite-Scale MDM and Information Stewardship to the Enterprise

Evolutionary MDM™ Platform Scales Up Infinitely to Supports Explosive Growth in Data Sources

Enterprise Data World, Austin, TX – April 27, 2014 

Semarchy, the Data Convergence Company announced today that the Convergence Evolutionary MDM™ platform delivers to customers with infinite scale MDM and information stewardship to support the explosive growth in master data sources.

Along with the trend of exponentially growing information, master data volumes grow dramatically in data sources and require efficient ways of applying more stringent management and governance requirements.

The success of data governance projects leads to a greater pervasiveness of information stewardship applications across the enterprise business units, with, as a corollary, a growing number of stewardship-enabled users.

“We’ve seen this explosive volume trend in our customers’ MDM projects again and again. We frequently measure project in terabytes, tens of millions of records, and thousands of users,” Matthew Dahlman, Semarchy’s Technical Director, said. “A recent illustration of such a large-scale implementation is DiamondStream with 14 million customer records de-duplicated in the Cloud.”

To support this trend, Semarchy Convergence, the Evolutionary MDM™ platform is certified and proven for infinite-scale implementations. This certification covers data volumes, number of users, and high-availability for both on premises and Cloud deployments.

“Large volumes and architectural considerations are important elements of the equation in an MDM initiative, but not the only ones. Non-technical elements, such as the non-intrusiveness, the agility and the data safety are more critical for a successful MDM initiative”, Gauthier Vasseur, Semarchy’s COO, added.

Semarchy is sponsoring the Enterprise Data World Summit in Austin, from April 27 to May 1, 2014 ( The Semarchy team is be pleased to demonstrate the experience of infinite-scale MDM.

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About Semarchy

Semarchy ( enables organizations to consolidate and enrich master data across all their business domains. Semarchy Convergence for MDM is the only Evolutionary MDM platform specifically designed to reduce Master Data Management (MDM) project timescales and costs, for simple as well as complex master data projects.