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Semarchy Launches xDM v5, the Supercharged Engine for Intelligent Data Hubs

Semarchy unveils xDM v5 with xDM Dashboards at Gartner Data and Analytics Summit London.

London, UK– Gartner Data & Analytics Summit: Semarchy, the Intelligent Data Hub™ company, announced today the latest release of its ground-breaking platform, Semarchy xDM v5. This release continues the company’s relentless focus and investment to bring a unique all-in-one platform to data-driven organizations for their Data Governance, Master Data (MDM), Reference Data (RDM), Application Data (ADM), BI, Analytics and Compliance initiatives.

The company will unveil key innovations at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit this week in London, including:

  • xDM Dashboards, a new component that builds amazing visualizations of any data in only minutes, whether managed inside or outside xDM. It allows easy creation of 360-degree views that federate operational applications, data warehouses, and data lakes for any domain.
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server to deliver enterprise-scale solutions on any cloud or on-premises infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive REST API for integration, administration, and deployment to better support DevOps teams in intelligent data hub projects.
  • User Experience Enhancements with application theming, built-in filters, and custom translations.

“xDM Dashboards is the major innovation in our v5 release and my personal favorite. Business users no longer have to switch between applications to see metrics and KPIs,” says FX Nicolas, VP Products at Semarchy. “xDM Dashboards blends data quality and business metrics from any source and makes them visible within the data management applications. Users can make data-driven decisions within seconds.”

“Our customers value above all the uncompromised simplicity, flexibility, and agility of our products, and have embraced our Intelligent Data Hub approach with successful results,” says Salah Kamel, CEO of Semarchy. “With xDM v5, they now have a supercharged engine for even faster Intelligent Data Hub initiatives.”

About Semarchy
Semarchy is the Intelligent Data Hub™ company. Its xDM platform empowers organizations of any size to build data applications quickly, with fast time to value. A single software platform for governance, master, reference and application data management as well as data quality, enrichment, and workflows means that trusted information projects can be delivered without the wasted time of cobbling together bits of software, interfaces, and integration layers.