The Evolutionary MDM vendor integrates Capscan platform to deliver address verification and geocoding for its Convergence for MDM platform

Lyon, France – March 28, 2012 Semarchy today announced a strategic OEM partnership with Capscan, a leading global supplier of international address management solutions and data quality services. As part of this agreement, Semarchy will integrate Capscan’s Matchcode solution as a core component of its Semarchy Convergence platform.

Validating address information is a critical activity for consistent business operations throughout the enterprise. Accurate and valid address information guarantees lower mailing, shipping and billing costs as well as better customer relations (sales, support, etc.) and experience. In the context of Master Data Management, address information represents the most important piece of information in a variety of domains such as Customers, Suppliers, Sites, Locations, Parties, Citizens, etc.

Capscan, originally established in 1969, is a leading supplier of international address management solutions and data integrity services. Headquartered in London with more than 1,800 customers worldwide across a wide range of commercial and public service sectors, Capscan is a recognized leader in the address management business.

Capscan Matchcode is the address verification and geocoding engine that offers data validation, enrichment and cleansing. It is available with various data sets covering 240 territories with detailed geocoding data to delivery point level for many major countries in the world.  The software improves the effectiveness of data containing address information by ensuring that this is accurate and correctly formatted for the respective countries and languages.

“MDM projects frequently require efficient address verification and standardization. Such data enrichment is a prerequisite for accurate duplicates detection.  Providing our customers with one of the best products for this requirement is a strategic step for us”, said Salah Kamel CEO of Semarchy.

By adding Convergence for Address Verification and Geocoding to the Convergence platform, Semarchy now offers its customers a facility to perform worldwide address enrichment, standardization, geocoding and verification with a cost effective approach that contributes to Semarchy’s Evolutionary MDM vision.

With Convergence for Address Verification and Geocoding, customers benefit from a modular approach allowing a mix of on-premise and on-demand ‘pay-per-search’ address verification to optimize their costs based on the actual geographic distribution of their address information.

“Mixing on-demand and on-premise address verification within a single platform is Semarchy’s answer to the natural business evolution towards international markets. Proposing the most cost-effective and accurate worldwide addresses verification and geocoding solutions to our customers will help them build their success on these markets”, concludes Salah Kamel.

About Capscan
Capscan is a leading supplier of international address management solutions and data quality services. The company’s flagship product, Matchcode, is a fully functional address management system, available as a stand-alone program for data capture, a web-based tool for online data capture and as a tool for batch cleansing of commercial databases. Capscan now supports addressing functionality for 240 countries or territories worldwide. In addition, Matchcode UK address data can be integrated with Ordnance Survey data sets to allow mapping and logistics rationalization. Capscan is also expert in the integration of lifestyle and business data sets into address databases to support and rationalize canvassing or marketing activities throughout Europe.   Capscan is a member of the GB Group of companies.

About Semarchy
Semarchy enables organizations to consolidate and enrich master data across all their business domains. Semarchy Convergence for MDM is the only Evolutionary MDM platform specifically designed to reduce Master Data Management (MDM) project timescales and costs, for simple as well as complex master data projects.