A high-performance data integration solution to boost the Semarchy Convergence Evolutionary MDM platform

Lyon, France – March 08, 2012 – Semarchy, the leading provider of the Evolutionary MDM platform Semarchy Convergence announced today the availability of Convergence for Data Integration. This new product strengthens and complements Semarchy’s Master Data Management offering with data integration capabilities. Users of the MDM/DI offering benefit today from a unified solution to achieve their projects successfully within cost and time constraints, and deliver data that meets the enterprise’s quality and availability criteria. Convergence for Data Integration’s E-LT architecture ensures best performance for very large data volumes.

In the context of a Master Data Management (MDM) project, master data already existing in the enterprise’s applications must be published and consolidated in a master data hub and then made ​​available to users and operational/analytic applications. Publishing source master data as well as consuming golden records certified by Convergence for MDM requires designing and orchestrating data integration processes.

“Data integration is a strategic piece in an MDM project,” said Salah Kamel, Founder and CEO of Semarchy. “Master data convergence shows its true value only if the master data is automatically and continuously collected upstream and distributed downstream to the entire company.”

Convergence for Data Integration meets the requirements for integration and seamlessly complements Convergence for MDM. It supports data convergence from heterogeneous sources to the MDM hub as well as distribution of the golden data certified by the MDM platform to all types of enterprise applications.

This new product of the Semarchy Convergence family provides the following features:

  • A non-intrusive E-LT architecture optimizing and leveraging the existing database engines for better performances and higher scalability with no additional servers.
  • A unified user experience based on a metadata-driven declarative approach, allowing better productivity when developing integration flows and higher efficiency for their maintenance. Developers use an intuitive and productive interface (the Semarchy DI Designer) which natively supports team collaboration, version management and iterative development.
  • A rationalized approach to production through lightweight components simple to install, manage and monitor.
  • A universal data access layer based on a connectivity framework and a large number of built-in connectors for integrating databases, XML, files, web services and application data, in batch and real-time.
  • Full integration with Convergence for MDM.

With all these features, Convergence for Data Integration empowers its users with better design-time productivity and higher run-time performances.

Semarchy Convergence for Data Integration uses technologies provided by Stambia.

“Our technologies are perfectly suited to Semarchy Convergence’s use cases and will allow dramatic gains in development time while ensuring the best performance for extracting and processing data”, said Fabien Bruder, CEO of Stambia.

“Convergence for Data Integration complements Convergence for MDM and complies with the principles of the Evolutionary MDM approach,” says Salah Kamel. “Our users will benefit from an innovative technology supporting both their tactical and strategic MDM and Data Governance initiatives with simplicity, speed and security.”

Semarchy Convergence for Data Integration is available immediately. The product will be downloadable soon for evaluation on Semarchy’s download center: http://www.semarchy.com/en/download.

About Semarchy

Semarchy enables organizations to consolidate and enrich master data across all their business domains. Semarchy Convergence is the only Evolutionary MDM platform specifically designed to reduce Master Data Management (MDM) project timescales and costs, for simple as well as complex master data projects.

About Stambia

Stambia is the vendor of a data integration solution (ETL, EL-T, and EAI) that enables significant gains in productivity and important project costs reduction. The flexibility, simplicity and performance of Stambia support business intelligence as well as replication, migration, batch and real-time application integration projects.