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Semarchy Releases Newest Iteration of Popular xDM Platform, Version 5.3

xDM 5.3 introduces end-to-end configuration and advanced integration to deliver faster Intelligent Data Hubs™ to complex information landscapes.

Phoenix, AZ – May 18, 2021 – Semarchy, the creator of the Intelligent Data Hub™, announced today the release of xDM version 5.3, the latest update to its popular software platform. This release includes capabilities to help customers in their Intelligent Data Hub journey, simplifying deployment, administration, and integration in the Cloud as well as on-premises.

“With a growing number of clients deploying, maintaining, and integrating the Semarchy Intelligent Data Hub™ in multi-cloud, or hybrid cloud and on-premises environments, infrastructure and security can become complex and challenging,” said TH Herbert, CEO at Semarchy. “With the features introduced in xDM 5.3, we continue to enhance our data hub platform to allow enterprises to rapidly solve such challenges, and achieve their data management goals even faster and more comprehensively than before.”

Semarchy xDM 5.3 includes comprehensive features to support the configuration and management of the data hubs, supporting complex patterns and industry standards for:

  • Authentication – Administrators can now manage users and roles as well as Single Sign-On (SSO) in xDM, with support for all identity providers and protocols, including Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD, Google, OKTA, Auth0, OpenID Connect, SAML, LDAP, etc.
  • Datasources – Connectivity to data stores used by the data hubs, xDM Dashboard, and xDM Discovery is now centralized within the platform. Administrators can simply secure their usage and streamline their deployment across environments.
  • Secret Management – Administrators and designers can now store and manage sensitive configuration items with the highest level of security, leveraging corporate encryption or secret stores, with support for AWS Key Manager Service and Secrets Manager, Azure Key Vault, Google Cloud Key Management and Secret Manager.

This release introduces also capabilities to expose and propagate the critical data assets stored in the data hub:

  • Data Notifications – Designers and integration teams can simplify data integration with change propagation from the data hub to event streaming platforms (such as Apache Kafka) or applications via REST API calls and message services.
  • Database Views – Developers can quickly design and deploy SQL APIs for their data hubs, aligned with the model structure and lifecycle. These views can be consumed by external applications, such as business intelligence and visualization tools, or by Dashboard Builder.

With this release, Semarchy users also benefit from multiple new features such as delayed continuous loads, REST API mass-update, and an enhanced authoring experience.

“Data hubs are critical to our customers. As their information landscape becomes more complex and hybrid, we want to keep their experience as efficient and simple,” said FX Nicolas, VP of Product Success at Semarchy. “With Semarchy xDM 5.3, we further develop our unified platform vision to support the complex information landscape and help our clients focus on delivering the unique value of the Intelligent Data Hub.”

About Semarchy: Semarchy is the creator of the Intelligent Data Hub™ which empowers business users to become data champions. Its xDM platform enables organizations of any size and helps them quickly bring together the critical information scattered across applications into a single data hub, with fast time to value. Data can be discovered, mastered, governed, and centrally managed in a non-intrusive way. Semarchy xDM is natively available on most popular cloud marketplaces, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and also as Software as a Service (SaaS), all with the same features as the on-premises platform.