Completely Redesigned Data Governance Interface & Great New Features

Menlo Park, CA – 10/01/2013 – Semarchy, the Data Convergence Company today announces the availability of Semarchy Convergence for MDM 2.2, the most significant update for end users since the original product launch.

Semarchy Convergence for MDM 2.2 brings master data governance to the next level by introducing a redesigned user experience with enhanced interactivity.

The master data governance UI is redesigned with a streamlined layout separated from the design-time workbench and a new homepage. New features include quick search and direct actions for data authoring, workflows and duplicates management. This new version also supports multi-tab browsing and direct URLs. All this is supported by an elegant theme with a sleek modern icon set.

“Convergence for MDM 2.2 is an important release for us as it introduces a dedicated interface for business users and stewards. They are the final users of the master data managed in our platform,” said FX Nicolas, Semarchy’s vice president of Products and Marketing. “We brought together an entire team with a broad range of expertise to take this project from design to engineering around our customers’ feedback and wishes.”

Convergence for MDM 2.2 adds powerful features for users authoring data in the hub: On-the-fly enrichments, interactive validations, automated duplicate and concurrent change detection. Data entry is simpler, faster and safer.

Design-time is also improved with power features such as diagram-based workflow design, filters using child records’ data, model import/export between design repositories and new transliteration plug-in.

“There is beauty in simplicity and efficiency. In this version, we make complex data governance and data quality considerations appear simple and natural to the business users and data stewards. All the power of the Semarchy Convergence Hub™ is at their fingertips. And the real magic is that they’re using it, but don’t need to understand or even know that they’re using it” said Salah Kamel, Semarchy’s CEO.

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About Semarchy

Semarchy ( enables organizations to consolidate and enrich master data across all their business domains. Semarchy Convergence for MDM is the only Evolutionary MDM platform specifically designed to reduce Master Data Management (MDM) project timescales and costs, for simple as well as complex master data projects.