About Semarchy

Semarchy provides master data value in weeks not months, using an agile, value-driven approach to design and manage master and reference data. Our unique approach creates value for the business quickly and cost effectively, supports all domains within a single environment, adapts to evolving business requirements, and allows deployments in any environment with any style of MDM and RDM. Results can be trusted with complete visibility to all underlying data and lineage. Semarchy Convergence is a multi-domain, rules driven, fast to implement, and scalable enterprise solution. We are the Evolutionary MDM™ company.


Our Philosophy

Our founders have a long history of delivering innovation in Data Integration. So it’s no surprise that we approached MDM fundamentally differently from traditional products. Rather than assume that MDM requirements are set in stone with each master data project that is delivered, we assume that the requirements will change and evolve over time. By building this simple, but fundamentally important assumption into the heart of our product, we are able to handle initial, and evolving MDM requirements, quicker and with less cost.

We call this approach Evolutionary MDM™.


Evolutionary MDM™

Unlike traditional approaches to master data management solutions, Semarchy Convergence focuses on empowering IT organizations and our consulting partners to build and maintain reference and master data solutions incrementally as requirements evolve over time.

To enable this, Semarchy Convergence is built on the three key principles of Evolutionary MDM™:

  • Fast time-to-value. Force no changes to business processes, human workflows or IT infrastructure.
  • Iterative project evolution. Make it easy for data and business architects to build and maintain powerful, semantically-complete data models that make modifying existing domains or extending MDM into new domains, a simple configuration change.
  • Secured data evolution. Master data version management should allow the business to access master data as it was at at any point in time along its evolution. Data lineage management should allow users to drill down from master data, through enrichment, validation and all governance processes, to see which source systems contributed what to the golden records.

Evolutionary MDM™ results in projects that are less at risk of time and cost overrun.


Partnering is central to our vision of helping organizations to build trust in their master data. We believe that our partn