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Agile Solutions

Agile Solutions GB is an independent organization focused on information management working with a number of industry-leading software vendors.

Agile Solutions

Semarchy & Agile Solutions ensure an agile and iterative approach to your MDM platform implementation, delivering business value in a short timescale.

Agile Solutions and Semarchy delivered an MDM solution that enabled the world’s largest renewable energy firm to strengthen its decision-making with data.


  • Data Strategy, Governance & Advisory
  • Data Platforms & Engineering
  • Visualization, Analytics & Insight


  • Regions: Europe
  • Technologies/Expertise: Master Data Management, Data Platform Modernization, Data Warehouse, Data Engineering, DevOps & DataOps Services
  • Vertical(s): Pharmaceuticals; Government/Non-Profit
  • Partner Tier: Alliance


  • An agile and iterative approach to your MDM platform implementation
  • Delivering business value in an exceptionally short timescale

Data Challenges facing the Energy & Renewables Sector

The Data challenges the Energy and Renewables sector face are prevalent – from how much of it is of good quality to knowing where it is.

As the sector grows it needs to have better data systems in place – like Master Data Management.

Hear from Graeme King, Data Strategy, Advisory, and Governance Lead, at Agile Solutions how they work together with Semarchy to help businesses within the Energy & Renewables industry achieve their Master Data Management challenges and what our successes have been.

Watch the video:

Read the eBook: Agile Solutions – MDM for the Energy and Renewables Sector

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Power up with MDM

Fuel your data strategy with high-quality master data

Across the rapidly changing Energy and Renewables sector, the heat is on to find new ways to improve efficiency, transparency and customer experience, as well as drive mission-critical operations. In the face of these challenges and opportunities, data holds the key.

Without a single source of optimized, accessible, trustworthy data, how do you know if your data-driven solutions – from customer profiling to consumption analytics – are being fuelled by reliable information? 

Accessible, trustworthy and reliable data, whether it’s financial, customer, or asset-based, serves as the digital foundation for transformation, agility and performance for energy and renewable firms globally.

The answer to creating a single version of the truth across all of your data lies in effective Master Data Management (MDM).

This guide talks you through the process, benefits and obstacles of effective MDM. With insight from the world’s largest independent renewable energy company, and global leader in solar development and management.

Download your copy today.

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