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Genicorp's expertise, based on databases and information systems management methods, is recognized in the world of Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Governance.

Genicorp is an engineering company founded in 1987. 

It is characterized by its adaptability to new concepts and its openness to innovative solutions. She capitalizes on her experience in transversal decision-making information systems for key accounts in finance, services and industry.

Genicorp intervenes throughout the life cycle of projects in AMOA and MOE from the preliminary studies to the implementation and carries out the transfer of technical and methodological skills to its customers.

For example, Genicorp is currently in charge, with EXL Group, of the vast project of development and deployment of the Decisional Competence Center of all branches of a large transport group. This project mobilizes 60 consultants over 5 years. Genicorp is committed to innovations being deployed around big data, NoSQL and agile BI.

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