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Itelligent i

Itelligent-i is an Analytics Consultancy providing data solutions and analytical consulting services services across the UK.

Itelligent-i’s methodologies and analytical solutions help complex organisations enable data-driven decision making by providing expertise in cloud services and data architecture, analytic design and delivery, security and governance, data quality and data management.Their analysts are experts in turning complex data from multiple sources into useable visual insights, making any business activities and process easy to understand and explore. Itelligent-i has a track record in developing analytics to support strategic and operational decisions, identifying significant ROI and managing performance.
Itelligent-i is passionate about service evolution, and the team brings great expertise and experience directly from a range of public service providers.Their methodology will provide you with a data strategy and roadmap for implementing advanced and predictive analytics, enabling your organisation to become truly data-driven.

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