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IWS Consulting

IWS Consulting is an IT Advisory Company that offers integrated services and solutions to support the companies strategic processes.

IWS Consulting was founded in 2013 in Rome (Italy). Since its inception, the firm has focused on Information and Communication Technology services for global construction firms that were headquartered in Italy.

IWS provides end-to-end solutions for data collection, organization and preservation across infrastructure and operations, information resource management, document and Master Data Management; Data Warehousing and Big Data. Listening carefully to customer needs, they employ a non-disruptive, stepwise and iterative approach-leveraging existing infrastructure where possible. They use ‘agile’ methodologies and fast iterative working cycles, to achieve desired results, step by step.

IWS designs and implements IT Infrastructure and Information Services, supplying, taking charge and managing IT services, operational start-up of small, medium or large business structures, deployed throughout worldwide areas, too.

A multi-lingual support team provides first and second-level network infrastructure service desks, including error reports, trouble tickets, inquiries, activation of nodes, and other general support issues, as well as networking equipment.

IWS uses its application-building methodology that is specialized for content and document management, helping clients to optimize fit-for-purpose technology to their infrastructure. This includes prescriptive data lakes leveraging Hadoop, NoSQL and related technologies to design the most innovative projects, both in operational and analytical applications.

IWS also extends solutions on new data exploration paradigms and traditional analytics scenarios alike, from Data Warehousing, Data Mining, and Business Intelligence to Master Data Management, Data Ingestion and Continuous Event Processing.

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