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Shanghai Zhulu Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Zhulu Information Technology Co., Ltd is recognized as a leader for information protection, information security, information management, and information mining products and solutions in IT data center infrastructure, as well as solution-based solutions. 

Shanghai Zhulu & Semarchy Join Forces

Founded in 2004, Shanghai Zhulu Information Technology Co., Ltd has been an innovator of digital transformation solutions. It is the go-to consultancy for Enterprise organizations that want their success to be driven by data. 

Shanghai Zhulu Information Technology Co. Ltd has always been technology-based, service-oriented, focusing on integrating international advanced technologies, and continuously promoting the digital transformation of enterprise in China.


  • Data Governance Consulting
  • MDM Implementation
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Catalog
  • Data Integration
  • Data Asset Management


  • Regions: China
  • Technologies: Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data & Innovation, Data Science, Data Visualization, Data Governance, Hosting
  • Verticals: All
  • Partner Tier: Alliance
  • Certified Partner: Yes


  • Shanghai Zhulu Information Technology Co., Ltd has a dedicated MDM development team that helps brands manage a large volume of data effortlessly using the Semarchy platform  
  • Helping organizations manage multidomain data in a single solution with the help of Semarchy xDM
  • Ensured access to complete, correct, & aggregated data that helps businesses make effective and timely decisions
  • Combining the power of Semarchy xDM with Shanghai Zhulu’s expertise and experience of data management means businesses see the benefit of better data and better outcomes

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