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Solita is a digital transformation company driven by data and human insight. They create impact that lasts by combining human insight, data, and tech.

Solita’s services range from strategic consulting to service design, software development, data solutions, AI & analytics, cloud and integration services. The revenue of the company amounts to EUR 108 million in 2019. Established in 1996, Solita employs around 1000 digital business specialists in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, and Estonia.

xDM, the Semarchy Intelligent Data Hub™, together with Solita’s modern data platform experience from data tools, architecture, and Data DevOps methods offer companies a perfect toolset to accelerate their data business experiments and automate their cloud-based data management solutions.

Together the companies put modern data governance as well as master and application data management solutions with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities at the fingertips of business users.


  • xDM as a Service
  • xDM as a Service on Microsoft Azure


  • Regions: Northern Europe
  • Technologies/Expertise: Master Data Management
  • Vertical(s): Finance, Manufacturing, Retail
  • Partner Tier: Platinum


  • Better value in business processes
  • No costly mistakes because of data – better customer experience
  • Start small and scale up
  • Modern, user-friendly processes to govern and enrich data

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