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For a number of successful years, Valcon and Semarchy have partnered to deliver exceptional value to clients across various industries and countries. Our combined team of over 250 data specialists boasts expertise in Data Engineering, Master Data Management (MDM), Data Governance, and Data Quality.
Valcon is a European consultancy that drives sustainable change by combining technology, data, and people. Our 2000+ highly skilled consultants have expertise in linking the critical elements of strategy and operations with innovative technologies and pragmatic data solutions.

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Valcon, a leader in data services, proudly partners with Semarchy to deliver high-quality, advanced data solutions. This collaboration combines Valcon’s expertise in running successful client projects with Semarchy’s cutting-edge data management technology. Together, we empower our clients to become industry leaders by providing robust, reliable data for informed decision-making. Experience best-in-class data services and transform your data into a strategic asset with Valcon and Semarchy. Join us in driving growth and innovation for your business.

At Valcon, we believe MDM is key to organizational accuracy. By centralizing and standardizing critical data, MDM eliminates duplicates and errors, providing a single, reliable source of truth. This enables informed decisions, operational efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction, driving overall business success for our clients.

  • Accuracy

    By combining Valcon’s operational excellence with Semarchy Data Platform, we deliver an MDM solution that empowers companies to make accurate, data-driven decisions.

  • Savings

    MDM brings significant savings to an organization by eliminating data redundancies, reducing errors, and streamlining processes. It ensures consistent, accurate data across all departments, leading to better decision-making, operational efficiency, and reduced costs associated with data management and correction.

  • Centralization

    By integrating Semarchy MDM with Valcon’s strategic insights, you can create a centralized data asset that empowers stronger decision-making, enhances visibility, and ultimately drives improved commercial outcomes.

  • Speed

    Semarchy’s MDM solution, backed by Valcon’s best practice and proven approach, guarantees a pragmatic and iterative process for your MDM implementation, delivering business value in an accelerated timeline.

MDM Implementation for a leading UK charity

Our client has been making discoveries that have saved countless lives. Their strategy is to accelerate progress towards a better future. Several bodies work together to ensure that they make the best use of the funds they receive and continue to carry out world-class research.

This client embarked on a multi-year MDM program to address the various data pain points pertaining to key business entities. The first phase was designed to master the talent data and interface with their two key source systems and file-based data. Subsequent phases focused on enhancing the MDM solution to master the company and contact data being sourced from multiple systems including a CRM database.

With help from this MDM program, the Council of Trustees sets the Charity’s strategic direction, monitors the delivery of the Charity’s objectives, upholds its values and governance and advises the Chief Executive.  

The Challenge

Building strong relationships with donors is crucial, but our client lacked a centralized view of their interactions. Scattered data across various systems coupled with unknown data quality made this a significant hurdle.

bluealtair the challenge
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The Solution

Valcon empowered the charity to create a single, reliable view of their donors by implementing Semarchy’s MDM solution. This holistic “360-degree” view unlocked a wealth of insights into donor interactions.

We achieved this by:

Eliminating data silos: Using sophisticated matching rules, we identified and merged duplicate donor records across internal and external systems. This eliminated data silos, ensuring a complete picture of each donor.

Comprehensive interaction data: We integrated data from various touchpoints, capturing all interactions between individuals and the charity. This provided a richer understanding of donor relationships.

Enhancing data quality: Data loaded into the MDM system underwent a rigorous validation and enrichment process. This guaranteed the accuracy and completeness of each donor profile.

The Outcome

The result? A “Golden Record” for each donor. This validated, enriched record acts as the definitive source of truth within the organization. It’s then distributed back to all relevant applications, empowering staff to cultivate stronger relationships with donors. This newfound clarity allows them to tailor communication to individual needs and preferences, fostering stronger bonds.

By establishing a single source of truth, our client gains operational efficiency and eliminates confusion. This allows for accurate and personalized communication to be delivered seamlessly across the organization.


  • Data informs decisions  
  • Technology enables it to happen 
  • Consulting delivers the change 


  • 40 operating countries 
  • 9 European locations: UK, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Croatia and Serbia. 
  • 2,000+ highly skilled experts 
  • 30+ years of heritag 


  • We create technology solutions fit for the future. 
  • We can deliver transformation, from strategy to operations to execution. 
  • We are experts at Data, Analytics, and Intelligence, helping organizations

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