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A Web Briefing is a 20-minute, high-intensity online seminar. Like CrossFit for your mind.

Satisfying the demanding data requirements for plugged-in business users quickly requires updated, intuitive solutions that can address governance, management and curation of information in parallel. But talking about cloud solutions brings the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and a 30-page security questionnaire; even a strong business case can get bogged down. Working with some of the most demanding organisations in the world, Entity Group has a 5-step methodology, cloud data hub checklist, and experience from dozens of engagements that will help your security team see an Intelligent Data Hub project as an accelerator, and get on board with delivering business value in weeks.

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Preston Gregg, The Entity Group Preston Gregg
Executive Vice President & General Manager, North America
Entity Group
Preston has been a practitioner and a business leader in enterprise data problem solving for over 20 years. Focused on business outcomes over and above employing innovative data technology, he led teams as an executive at Initiate Systems, and later IBM Information Management (which acquired Initiate in 2010). Today, Preston has the executive direction of Entity Group’s US Operation, which has implemented security, governance and integration projects around data management for organizations from Fortune 500s to mid-market financial services organizations.

In this web briefing, he will share some of the best practices gained from these experiences and give practical advice for gaining executive support, streamlining projects, and delivering value to business executives in a meaningful timeframe.

Michael Hiskey MDM CMO Headshot Michael Hiskey
Data Columnist & Speaker, CMO
Michael is a long-time data industry executive, who spends his days reinventing how technology can help improve business outcomes. An accomplished writer, speaker and blogger, he enjoys telling stories of ingenuity and innovation. He currently runs marketing for Semarchy, the Intelligent Master Data Management company. In this role, he has worked to accentuate the smart, agile and measurable capabilities unique to the xDM solution. Michael has held numerous leadership roles at large as well as growth organizations – IBM, MicroStrategy, Trifacta, Kognitio, Socure, Informix and Credit Suisse. He lives in New York and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.