Event – Denver, CO | 18 Jan 2018

Information-driven strategies inject the application of new practices, which rely on trusted information systems, deep into an organization. This data guides the application of modern business models, empowers users at every level, and has security and governance built-in. The burgeoning Chief Data Officer (CDO) role is the likely conductor; however, participation from every part of an organization is required for its success.

Join Semarchy, Slalom Consulting-Denver and EMA Research for this thought-provoking gathering of data management enthusiasts who are making data an ever-more valuable asset in their organizations.

Data Management Requirements for Information-Driven Cultures
Denver, CO | Slalom Offices
Jan 18, 2018 | 3:00 PM

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Featured Speakers:



EMA MDM Analyst LogoJohn Myers, Managing Research Director at EMA will lead a discussion on the state of information governance and MDM practices in organizations today.

Data-driven business models are more dependent on information than any previous approach, from the expanded application of 360-degree customer views (including internal and external data sources) to increased detail on a company’s offerings for product information management (PIM) initiatives, and increased data quality across the enterprise.

Some key discussion points will include:

  • How executive leadership and the role of the CDO are impacting organizational practices
  • How to implement data to make decisions, interact with products, and improve customer experience
  • How companies with robust data practices compare with companies that have less mature information initiatives


As Real As It Gets: Giving Business Units More Control with MDM

Chipotle MDM LogoChipotle Mexican Grill, one of the fastest growing restaurant chains, is mastering everything from the freshest menu ingredients of any national chain to the tax, regulatory, and management specifics for each of their over 2,250 stores.

Leveraging the Intelligent MDM™ platform from Semarchy, business units are empowered to be more proactive, with systems that can react faster. All without the need to translate specific business domain knowledge into “IT speak” before updates are made.

Jeffrey Cox, Lead Technical Architect will discuss lessons learned in accuracy, timeliness, ownership and accountability, and ultimately customer experience.


Slalom MDM Partner LogoMaster Data Management (MDM) and Data Governance (DG) are enterprise data management disciplines that can truly transform how a company effectively manages their data. The power of governed and accurate data delivered on a timely manner propels companies to be true data-driven and effectively thrive to lower operational costs, minimize data compliance risks, and increase revenue.

Still, as much as MDM/DG are widely recognized as powerful data management disciplines, companies struggle to recognize when they need it and how to implement them successfully. In this conversation, Dalton will discuss the following:

  • How to recognize MDM/DG is right for your data problem
  • MDM/DG as key disciplines to power your digital transformation
  • Best practices and what to avoid when implementing an MDM/DG program


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