Semarchy is attending the 21st Annual Enterprise Data World (EDW) Conference now recognized as the most comprehensive educational conference on data management in the world. This year’s theme is “Transformation to Data-Driven Business Starts Here”.

Semarchy will be exhibiting a unique approach to Master Data Management (MDM) and Reference Data Management (RDM) that creates value for a business in weeks instead of months. Its agile approach brings flexibility and cost reduction, while putting more effectual control in the hands of business users instead of IT departments.

While at the conference stop by Booth #407 to:

Discover how Evolutionary MDM™ will make you re-think traditionally unwieldy master and reference data management.

Experience a unique intuitive approach to MDM.  This new design will empower your business to govern and master data quickly and efficiently.

See a preview of the most intuitive MDM solution on the market.

Register by March 31st with the access code SEMARCHY for a registration discount of up to $200.


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