Web Briefing – 3 May 2018 | 16:30 GMT / 11:30am EDT

In this 20-minute web briefing, we discuss some of the advanced topics around GDPR. This is NOT “What is GDPR and why should you care”, we don’t scare you with talk of fines and penalties or offer you a “GDPR Silver Bullet”. Assuming attendees understand the basic outline of GDPR, we show how you implement a GDPR programme using a simple three-step methodology and provide intelligent options to meet your Data Subject Rights by putting governance and master data at the forefront of your GDPR journey.

You may also like to see this visual interpretation of GDPR from Cliff on the GDPR Mentor website. 

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Cliff Gibson GDPR Mentor Headshot Cliff Gibson
DBR Data
Cliff is a creative and innovative Enterprise Information Architect with a strong background in Applications and Information Systems, working within a TOGAF & ITIL environment. Able to quickly digest complex scenarios and adapt to any business area, working regularly on initiatives covering Pharmaceutical Research, Master Data Management, Governance, Medical, Manufacturing, Finance, IT Service Management & CRM. He is currently the director of DBR Data and the product owner of GDPR Mentor.
Michael Hiskey MDM CMO Headshot Michael Hiskey
Chief Marketing Officer
Michael is a long-time data industry executive, who spends his days reinventing how technology can help improve business outcomes. An accomplished writer, speaker and blogger, he enjoys telling stories of ingenuity and innovation. He currently runs marketing for Semarchy, the Intelligent Master Data Management company. In this role, he has worked to accentuate the smart, agile and measurable capabilities unique to the xDM solution. Michael has held numerous leadership roles at large as well as growth organizations – IBM, MicroStrategy, Trifacta, Kognitio, Socure, Informix and Credit Suisse. He lives in New York and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.