Why are Apps so intuitive – and enterprise software not so much?

Semarchy is pleased to share a new vision for Master Data Management – Intelligent MDM -, and to introduce a new iteration of its flagship master data management platform – Semarchy xDM -, embracing Material Design User Experience, collaboration, mobile/responsive design, true multi-vector, flexible and scalable capabilities, smart algorithms for data stewardship, management, governance and integration.

During this webinar you will discover how to use Semarchy xDM to build and scale business adoption for data management initiatives, using:

  • A clear and meaningful visual language
  • Rich and intuitive data browsing
  • Wizard-like driven authoring
  • Faster data certification
  • Application branding and data-driven customization

This session will be introduced by Keyrus, sharing their vision on how Semarchy is contributing to the successful implementation of an MDM initiative within your company. Join FX Nicolas, VP Products of Semarchy and Bart Cousin from Keyrus, to discover this vision for driving value through an agile, business-driven MDM approach, and see the key innovations of Semarchy xDM.

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