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Mike Ferguson and The Business Value of Master Data

Uncontrolled master data can wreak havoc on your business, yet many business professionals don’t understand why data management is relevant to their day job. Inability to prevent data anomalies will force you to address them manually, and will hurt your business’s competitiveness. Master Data Management is the only efficient way to prevent and address these anomalies at scale.

Watch this recorded webinar for an expert’s view on how to define and measure the business value of managing this data. Learn about creating a data strategy, defining key requirements and placing master data at the centre of it. Industry expert Mike Ferguson recommends actions to maximize the business value you can derive from your master data. Read more

Denodo Webinar - Sept 22 1016 - 300x300

2-Step Process to Boost Business Productivity using Real-time Data Virtualization and MDM

As organizations grow, businesses productivity declines – customers churn due to mediocre support, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities are missed due to lack of customer insight, and ROI from marketing campaigns declines due to poor targeting. And, the root problem might not be people, but DATA – you might not have a consistent and complete view of the customer. MDM and data virtualization together provide the complete customer context – a single view of the customer along with associated transactions. With it, companies can instantaneously reduce customer attrition, increase revenue with cross-sell and up-sell, and improve marketing ROI. Read more

Solutions Webinar Salah

Solutions for Business-Driven Master Data Management

Join Salah Kamel, industry veteran and CEO of Semarchy, as he explains his vision for driving value through an agile, business-driven MDM approach. Learn how your organization, using this agile methodology, can create value for your business in weeks.

You will find the webinar useful if you deal with problems like the following examples. Your business is dealing with unexpected customer churn or increased customer frustration with your support processes. Your company is finding it increasingly difficult or costly to deal with compliance challenges, fraud issues, or efficiently managing your online marketplace. Improving these business processes and finding relief can be a challenge. So, what connects all of these seemingly disparate problems? Read more

Preston Gregg, The Entity Group

Best Practices in MDM Customer Solutions from The Entity Group

Preston Gregg, The Entity Group

The Entity Group is an international leader in managing master data management programs. Hear from the experts about the most important points you should keep in mind as you consider your MDM deployment. Learn how to avoid the most costly difficulties and what benefits to expect from cleanly mastering your customer data. Read more

DiamondStream Webinar

DiamondStream Success Story

DiamondStream, a San Francisco-based analytics DiamondStream Webinarcompany, partnered with Semarchy to improve its flagship product. DiamondStream chose Semarchy, the leading cloud Master Data Management (MDM) software, to provide DiamondStream’s clients with superior actionable marketing insights. Read more

David Loshin

Business Oriented Data Governance with David Loshin

The boom in the “information economy” has motivated many organizations to rethink the
way they ingest, manage, and consume data. And while data management practitioners have
long understood the value of data quality management, the C-level managers are also
rapidly recognizing data governance as a “must-have” for the enterprise. It is now rare to
see any big data, data quality, or master data management (MDM) initiative that is not
combined with the institution of a data governance program.

The conventional wisdom on data governance proposes hierarchies, operating models, and
processes for data policy definition and implementation. Yet in many ways, these processes
are viewed as bureaucratic and overwhelming when imposed by fiat, take a long time, and
in these cases become ineffective. Yet if the success of an MDM program is bound to data
governance, what is the best way to deploy them? Read more