Uncontrolled master data can wreak havoc on your business, yet many business professionals don’t understand why data management is relevant to their day job. Inability to prevent data anomalies will force you to address them manually, and will hurt your business’s competitiveness. Master Data Management is the only efficient way to prevent and address these anomalies at scale.

Watch this recorded webinar for an expert’s view on how to define and measure the business value of managing this data. Learn about creating a data strategy, defining key requirements and placing master data at the centre of it. Industry expert Mike Ferguson recommends actions to maximize the business value you can derive from your master data.

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Mike Ferguson is CEO of Intelligent Business Strategies. As an independent analyst & consultant he specialises in Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Management and Smart Business. With over 30 years of IT experience, Mike has consulted for dozens of companies and spoken at events all over the world. Formerly he was a partner at DataBase Associates with Colin White, a Chief Architect at Teradata working on the Teradata DBMS and a principal & co-founder of Codd and Date Europe – the inventors of the Relational Model.