Reference Data Management (RDM)

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Accurate reference data is crucial for your enterprise to gain value from analytics. Different code sets used in disconnected regions and applications need to be harmonized to ensure that high-level summaries are meaningful. Product codes from one supplier need to be mapped to another supplier’s codes to support procurement, hierarchy management, and supply chain management.

Semarchy’s agile approach to reference data management (RDM) enables the business to drive your program. Our agile business-driven approach is different from traditional solutions that start with managing an overly wide-ranging inventory of reference data from the data governance committee. Instead, our agile approach focuses on a specific business process and tailoring an RDM solution to meet your unique business challenge. This approach focuses on the business value that most closely aligns with pain points and opportunities where the greatest value can be achieved.

Semarchy delivers value in weeks, not months. RDM does not need to be part of high-cost, high-risk, long-term solutions. Let us prove how Semarchy can play an integral part in your business.

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This workbook is designed for Information Management professionals considering implementing an RDM program. It empowers you to follow your strategic decisions and business vision, the two necessary elements to jumpstart an RDM program.

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