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Catch one of our live events on the road or online — or watch a replay to see Semarchy xDM in action — all right here.

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Master Data Management – Aligning Data, Process, and Governance

Semarchy joins Dataversity and Global Data Strategy for a Data Architecture strategy webinar discussing how Master Data Management plays a vital role in business, governance, and growth.

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Selecting the Right Master Data Management Solution: Best Practices & Use Cases

MDM addresses key problems and allows organizations to have a single source of truth for all their data, but selecting the right solution to accomplish this can be a daunting task. Semarchy & analysts from Eckerson Group discuss how to make the process easier.

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DATAVERSITY Demo Day – Data Governance

Semarchy joined Dataversity for its Demo Day for Data Governance where we showcased the new Data Intelligence module in the Semarchy Data Platform. This free webinar includes a live demo and Q&A.

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Driving Group Business Growth with a Single Customer View

Watch as Semarchy client, New World Development Company Limited’s Head of Data Management discusses how they accomplished a single view of all its customers with MDM.

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Semarchy Client Story: How to Simplify Mergers & Acquisitions with Master Data Management

Watch as Semarchy client, Dentsu discusses how Master Data Management plays a role in data consolidation for mergers and acquisitions. Taking on data quality, data management, and governance challenges, learn how Denstu was able to simplify M&A.

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Unlocking Master Data Management Success: Real-World Insights and Strategies

Semarchy joins EMA (Enterprise Management Associates) for a webinar demonstrating the pivotal role MDM plays in modern organizations. Hear best practices and strategies that show results from industry experts to ensure a successful implementation and growth.

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Enabling Real-Time Data and Analytics: Key Considerations and Best Practices

Our experts joined DBTA for a roundtable webinar on the importance of data leaders enabling real-time data and analytics. This reply will highlight key considerations and best practices for organizations striving to be data-driven.

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Data Quality: The ROI of Adding Intelligence to Data

We all want positive ROI – and data can unlock that. But it all starts with quality data. This webinar with Dataversity explores how data quality can directly lead to a measured, successful ROI. Watch the replay now to jumpstart your data quality initiatives.

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The Role of Data Management in a Modern Data Ecosystem

Semarchy joined partner, Amplifi for its Modern Data Ecosystem Video Series. The fifth installment of this LinkedIn Live series explored the rise of Modern Data Ecosystems and new approaches to data management. Hear about common challenges and how to overcome them with modern data management and emerging technologies.

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Semarchy Client Story: The OneBird Model – How Bird Construction Created a Master Data Management Strategy

Our client, Bird Construction, discusses their holistic Master Data Management strategy that encompassed the entire organization. They were able to increase data quality and governance, improve internal processes, and overcome data integration challenges.

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Industry Roundtable: Why Private Equity Needs Master Data Management

The private equity industry continues to grow rapidly, but as portfolios become larger and more complex, these companies need comprehensive data management and analytics. Leading firms KKR, Oaktree, and General Atlantic sit down with Semarchy to discuss the importance of MDM for this virtual panel.

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ESG on the Manufacturing Conveyor Belt: How Master Data Management Can Make a Difference

As top organizations are prioritizing ESG, they need to approach these initiatives from a data-driven mindset, ensuring a positive impact. Semarchy and partner, Amplifi joined for a virtual panel discussing how the manufacturing industry can use MDM to strategically accomplish ESG goals.