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Catch one of our live events on the road or online — or watch a replay to see Semarchy xDM in action — all right here.

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How to Rapidly Deliver Master Data Management Value

Semarchy and partner, Amplifi sat down for a LinkedIn Live discussing how businesses can not only justify the value of MDM, but continue to evolve and grow with it. With Semarchy, organizations can rapidly deliver ROI for MDM.

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How to Migrate from ODI to Semarchy xDI: The Path to Agile, Cost-Effective Data Integration

Tools such as Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) have been popular for years, but these legacy systems lack the agility organizations need. Watch this video as Semarchy discusses a high-performance alternative to ODI.

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Transforming Manufacturing Challenges into Opportunities with Master Data Management

Semarchy and partner Credencys dive deep into the particular challenges facing the manufacturing sector today and how a Master Data Management strategy can help solve them and more.

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Reimagining Your Data Strategy: Effective Data Governance for Modern Organizations

Aberdeen Strategy & Research are joined by Semarchy to discuss integrating effective data governance into your data strategy. Keep up with the current trends and adapt to new changes with this webinar.

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Master Data Management – Aligning Data, Process, and Governance

Semarchy joins Dataversity and Global Data Strategy for a Data Architecture strategy webinar discussing how Master Data Management plays a vital role in business, governance, and growth.

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Selecting the Right Master Data Management Solution: Best Practices & Use Cases

MDM addresses key problems and allows organizations to have a single source of truth for all their data, but selecting the right solution to accomplish this can be a daunting task. Semarchy & analysts from Eckerson Group discuss how to make the process easier.

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DATAVERSITY Demo Day – Data Governance

Semarchy joined Dataversity for its Demo Day for Data Governance where we showcased the new Data Intelligence module in the Semarchy Data Platform. This free webinar includes a live demo and Q&A.

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Driving Group Business Growth with a Single Customer View

Watch as Semarchy client, New World Development Company Limited’s Head of Data Management discusses how they accomplished a single view of all its customers with MDM.

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Semarchy Client Story: How to Simplify Mergers & Acquisitions with Master Data Management

Watch as Semarchy client, Dentsu discusses how Master Data Management plays a role in data consolidation for mergers and acquisitions. Taking on data quality, data management, and governance challenges, learn how Denstu was able to simplify M&A.

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Unlocking Master Data Management Success: Real-World Insights and Strategies

Semarchy joins EMA (Enterprise Management Associates) for a webinar demonstrating the pivotal role MDM plays in modern organizations. Hear best practices and strategies that show results from industry experts to ensure a successful implementation and growth.

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Enabling Real-Time Data and Analytics: Key Considerations and Best Practices

Our experts joined DBTA for a roundtable webinar on the importance of data leaders enabling real-time data and analytics. This reply will highlight key considerations and best practices for organizations striving to be data-driven.

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Data Quality: The ROI of Adding Intelligence to Data

We all want positive ROI – and data can unlock that. But it all starts with quality data. This webinar with Dataversity explores how data quality can directly lead to a measured, successful ROI. Watch the replay now to jumpstart your data quality initiatives.