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How to Craft Effective Data Quality and Master Data Management Strategies

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Fast-casual restaurants offer a fascinating microcosm of the turbulent forces confronting enterprises today—and the pivotal role that data plays in helping them maintain competitive advantage. COVID-19 prompted customers to order their Chipotle burritos, Shake Shack milkshakes, and Bruegger’s Bagels for home delivery, and this trend continues in 2022. Supply-chain disruptions, meanwhile, force fast-casual restaurants to make some fast pivots between suppliers in order to keep their shelves stocked. And the market continues to grow as these companies win customers, add locations, and expand delivery partnerships.

These three industry trends—home delivery, supply-chain disruptions, and market expansion—all depend on governed, accurate data to describe entities such as orders, ingredients, and locations. Data quality and master data management, therefore, play a more pivotal role than ever in the success of fast-casual restaurants. Master data management, also known as MDM, streamlines operations and assists data governance by reconciling disparate data records into a golden record and source of truth. If you’re looking for an ideal case study for how MDM drives enterprise reinvention, agility, and growth, this is it.

We’re excited to talk with an industry expert who helps fast-casual restaurants handle these turbulent forces with effective strategies for managing data and especially master data. Matt Zingariello is Vice President of Data Strategy Services with Keyrus, a global consultancy that helps enterprises use data assets to optimize their digital strategies and customer experience. Matt leads a team that provides industry-specific advisory and implementation services to help enterprises address challenges such as data governance and MDM.

Keyrus is a partner of Semarchy, whose Unified Data Platform software helps enterprises govern and manage master data, reference data, data quality, enrichment, and workflows.

In our podcast with Eckerson Group, we’ll define data quality and MDM as part of data governance. We’ll explore why enterprises need data quality and MDM, and how they can craft effective data quality and MDM strategies, with a focus on fast-casual restaurants as a case study.