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An Evolutionary Journey with xDM & the Value of Data


Elsevier’s Presentation at the 2022 Gartner Data & Analytics Summit EMEA: Virtual Replay

If you were unable to attend this year’s Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in London, download our virtual presentation to learn how Elsevier leveraged Semarchy xDM to:

  • Streamline their data capabilities
  • Improve internal efficiency
  • Enhance e-commerce business channels
  • Future-proof systems to support sustained growth

Learn how Elsevier empowered colleagues and products with trusted data to enable excellent service and value to all customers. Their strategy and vision looked beyond Master Data Management (MDM) – it was critical to their success that they involved all stakeholders – talking to business, IT and customer service, to tie data initiatives to corporate/business vision and strategy.

Elsevier has greater insight into customers, how they are spending, what service problems they might be having, and how they can serve customers better. Watch our presentation to discover how Elsevier achieved progress increases with growth from 80% of revenue supported by new data systems to currently 94% of revenue linked back to customer data.

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“In 2018 only 88% of authors could find their organization record, now that’s up to 97% can find this record. Which is huge – a big gap from 88 – 97% – Nearly all of our authors can find what they are looking for. Not only does this give us high quality information, gives us the insight on where people are publishing from, it also allows us to drive those people toward open access and open science.”

In our latest presentation, we discuss how companies are leveraging the use of data to drive innovation through the organization. Download our free presentation today to start your discovery and see how 80% of our clients measure value in less than 10 weeks.