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How You’ll Rapidly Integrate Data in Your First Days with Semarchy xDI

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Discover Semarchy xDI Data Integration and how you can start seeing benefits within days.

Trying to juggle extensive amounts of data from different sources increases spending and headaches.

A unified solution like Semarchy xDI will save you time and money. Did you know Semarchy xDI can help:

Reduce data integration costs by 80%
Reduce integration maintenance cost by 300%
Support over 70+ legacy or modern enterprise systems
Reduce integration development time by 80%

With Semarchy xDI, organizations can deliver data across an array of systems with a high-performance, agile, and extensible solution. Our technology allows you to deploy new connections in days, not months, with low-code, instant functionality right out of the box, reducing costs, maintenance, and time.

Watch as we walk you through Semarchy xDI. On the webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How Semarchy xDI and Semarchy xDM work together within our unified data platform
  • Semarchy xDI capabilities
  • Semarchy xDI use cases
  • Templates and structure
  • Semarchy xDI demo with Q&A

Discover Semarchy xDI’s simple, lightweight architecture to better understand how our solution can help your organization tackle any integration challenge.