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Introducing Dynamic, Data-Driven Workflows by Semarchy

Data Driven Design

Semarchy is excited to announce our new xDM data workflow module called: Workflow Builder.

Semarchy xDM’s workflows are fast, dynamic, and unified – drastically enhancing the complete data management experience in one no-code, data-driven platform that’s rapidly available anywhere.

Organizations can rapidly deploy Semarchy xDM’s data-driven workflows without disrupting core business activities while improving productivity and financial impacts to achieve evolving strategic objectives. Data teams building and designing workflows are enabled to easily collaborate with business stakeholders to develop simple, rich, and automated workflows. While business teams will have a simplified end-to-end data management experience, reduce manual efforts, and improve data quality.

This interactive webinar will walk attendees through:

  • the benefits of our Workflow Builder compared to the existing market
  • notable new features
  • our demo module
  • getting started with Semarchy xDM Workflow Builder

Whether you are an existing unified data platform customer, evaluating new products, or want more information – this session will dive deep into why Semarchy’s Workflow Builder will revolutionize and streamline how you manage your enterprise data.