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Conquering Data Integration and Governance Challenges in the Modern Enterprise

From legacy infrastructures to public clouds, the average enterprise has data spread across different locations, file systems, databases, and applications – and the volume and sources of data continue to grow relentlessly. As a result, while most organizations want rapid access to meaningful, actionable information, effectively integrating and governing data is becoming more difficult.

At the same time, there are many exciting developments presenting new opportunities for companies on their journey to becoming more data-driven.

The rise of data fabric and data mesh principles, the shift towards real-time data pipelines, ongoing advancements in machine learning and AI, and the expanding discipline of data enablement – to name a few – are paving the way toward more flexible, agile processes.

To highlight the key technologies and best practices for overcoming data integration and governance challenges, Semarchy joined DBTA in participating in a special roundtable webinar.