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Transforming Retail with Modern Master Data Management

Now more than ever, understanding, managing, and integrating data has become a vital piece of the digital transformation puzzle for retailers. 

As the global pandemic changed the business landscape, those without centralized, trusted, and accessible data struggled to effectively serve clients and partners, opening the floodgates to a multitude of challenges; from efficiently managing supply chains to accurately implementing new solutions to streamline and improve services.  

In this video, Prolifics and Semarchy give an in-depth discussion into Master Data Management, highlighting: 

  • Why data holds the key to retail transformation.
  • What stubborn data challenges the retail industry is currently facing and the impact it is having on retail supply chains.
  • What actionable steps can retailers take to establish data quality? 
  • Transformation opportunities with Master Data Management and the multi-domain Data Hub. 
  • Why data holds the key to retail transformation.