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Virtual Panel with Amplifi: How Data Can Shape Higher Education

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Knowledge Powered By Data

Over the past years, higher education institutions have been impacted by crucial changes affecting retention, enrollment, tuition costs, and more. With so much in flux and in such a short time, fast action is required to improve the experience through the entire student lifecycle, especially for those new crops of generations that have different expectations compared to your traditional education standards. What if we told you data could help set the new status quo? Well, it can! 

What’s on the panel?

This virtual panel will explore how Semarchy’s unified data platform can consolidate information that touches everything from registration to alumni donations. Student/educational data can be securely and quickly at your fingertips in a single unified solution rather than scattered throughout multiple applications. Learn how this is the game changer that higher education needs by hearing from Amplifiers Casey Kolowinski, Semarchy Practice Director, and David Neil, Consulting Manager, joined by special guest Steven Lin – Product Marketing Manager at Semarchy.  

What you’ll take away:
  • How data can impact the story during onboarding, student life, and alumni
  • Semarchy unified data platform gives a 360 view into the interaction and accessibility to enhance the experience
  • Understanding how to increase readiness and availability to invest in additional systems through better insights
  • How knowing and understanding your data leads to a better student experience throughout their entire lifecycle
  • How focusing on the student experience can lead to better ROI