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From Data-Lock to Data-Driven eBook — Your Guide to Effective Data Management for Financial Institutions

Our new eBook transforms your understanding of data, turning complex databases into navigable treasures. This will equip you with the practical tools and insights to unlock your data’s potential and drive unprecedented growth in the financial sector. 

Data as Currency in Finance Infographic

The Importance of Master Data Management in Banking In the banking industry, data is the lifeblood that drives business decisions, customer insights, and regulatory compliance.  Unlock the full potential of your banking institution’s data with our engaging infographic, ‘Data as Currency: The Importance of Master Data Management in Banking.’ Discover how Master Data Management (MDM) […]

IDC Whitepaper – Accelerating Time to Value in Modern Data Environments

We are moving beyond digital transformation into the era of digital business.

Organizations will still transform, but that is no longer the primary focus in a digital-first world.

The C-suite has recognized that at some point, transformations must be superseded by a bigger and more purposeful long-term goal, and that is about business outcomes built on a digital foundation, which defines digital business.

Native Data Integration Companion to xDM: Why Your MDM Platform Needs an Evolutive Data Integration Solution

The Native Data Integration Companion to xDM eBook offers valuable insights to businesses seeking to enhance their Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities.

An ELT Alternative to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) eBook

If you are an Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) user, you know that it is a powerful tool for data integration, but it can be complex to use and expensive to buy. An alternative to ODI is ELT (Extract, Load, Transform), an efficient, cost-effective, and flexible method for integrating data.

This eBook will provide you with all the information you need to make the switch from ODI to ELT. You will learn about the advantages of ELT, how to design an ELT process, and the tools you can use to implement ELT.

Semarchy EU Financial Data Regulations Guide

Learn how to ensure your financial data meets the latest EU regulations that require all financial institutions to establish better data management practices and register all IT assets – strengthening data governance. Download your copy of the EU Financial Data Regulations Guide from MDM leader, Semarchy.

Agile Solutions – MDM for the Energy and Renewables Sector

It’s a critical time for the Energy & Renewables sector.
The heat is on to find new ways to improve efficiency, transparency and customer experience – and data is your greatest asset as you explore these solutions.
There’s certainly no shortage of it: the sector is generating more than ever before, with a combination of smart meters, customer data, asset data and aggregation creating a deluge of information.

Semarchy xDM Workflow Builder eBook

Read a detailed eBook about Semarchy xDM’s innovative Workflow Builder. With Semarchy’s newest and most robust platform enhancement, users will access a new module called “Workflow Builder” within the xDM suite.

Driving Modern Business with Governed Data Integration

A rising number of enterprises are adopting governed data integration platforms to simplify how they manage and govern data. In this briefing from industry analysts at Eckerson Group, they take readers through the importance of governed data integration and how to get started.

Radiant Advisors’ Whitepaper: 4 Stages for Master Data Management Success

Master Data Management is a vital capability of data-driven organizations – today more than ever. That is why it’s crucial to change the mindset about MDM from project-oriented to business-oriented. This whitepaper, from Radiant Advisors, explains four key aspects of a business-enabled approach to MDM.

Eckerson Group Report: Best Practices in Master Data Management: Improving Intelligence through Data Governance

Master Data Management is the art of creating trusted data from a range of sources. It takes careful planning from both a procedural and technical aspects. Learn the best practices for creating a holistic strategy for MDM from Eckerson Group.

Data Integration and Governance for the Modern Enterprise

How should you handle data cloud environments, with data moving back and forth from on-premises systems, or even from cloud to cloud? This guide is helps you through the challenges that need to be addressed through comprehensive cloud data governance.