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2022 Gartner Data & Analytics, London Report

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Amplifi – Independent Report by Guy Bradshaw

This year’s Gartner Data and Analytics EMEA Summit was the first face-to-face in 3 years and was an exciting, international gathering.

It was interesting to see the analysts’ viewpoints and how their positioning and priorities have evolved over the years, and how their views of the future of the data industry align with our own views.

This report assesses where Amplifi “agree on the insights and viewpoints from the Gartner sessions” and discusses their own independently formed views.

In this report Guy Bradshaw, Consulting Director, at Amplifi highlights themes that came out of the Gartner event that he believes will influence the data community in the near future:

  • Think Big. Start Small.
  • Metadata management is easier than ever.
  • Use Synthetic Data to Improve Security.
  • Data has grown up.

Download the independent report to read Guy Bradshaw’s Key Takeaways from Gartner Data & Analytics Summit and hear what the analysts had to say.