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GDPR and Evolutionary Master/ Reference Data Management

By Aaron Machej

The EU has imposed new legislation on data protection giving people more control over their personal information including the right to be forgotten online. It aims to give citizens back control over their data. It also means companies could face huge fines for breaching the new law.

In addition, individuals must be notified in a comprehensive manner if their data is to be processed and or transferred to another service provider. Read more


Key business decisions are only as good as your underlying data

Whether you’re happy about the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election or not, chances are you were surprised by the outcome. There are many post-election think pieces and mea culpas explaining how the bad polling predictions caused an upset. It will be months before we really understand what happened to cause the polls to wrongfully predict a Clinton victory. But this election was a shakeup to remind everybody that key decisions are only as good as the underlying data on which the decisions are based.

Consider Bloomberg View columnist and professor of economics at the University of Rochester Narayana Kocherlakota’s argument that polls are simply statistical forecasts. They “use available information to help us make better decisions when we can’t be sure what will happen in the future.” He refers to polling “as a guide to decision-making” when a campaign must make a choice because it has finite resources to use. Read more


Your Logical Data Warehouse Needs Agile MDM


Analyst Rick F. van der Lans recently released a Whitepaper, sponsored by Denodo, titled “Developing Bi-Modal Logical Data Warehouse Architecture Using Data Virtualization”. The paper introduces a Logical Data Warehouse as an agile architecture that decouples data consumers and data stores, bringing data in together as a single logical database. There are two key points to summarize the paper. First, only a Logical Data Warehouse has the flexibility to meet modern business intelligence requirements. Second, Data Virtualization is required to make the Logical Data Warehouse successful.

However, the Whitepaper needed to make one final point to bring together the full picture of a Logical Data Warehouse (LDW). Agile Master Data Management is needed to govern your data, clean your data, and make sure the Logical Data Warehouse is successful. Read more


The 2016 Hype Cycles Are Out

Gartner, the research and advisory firm, recently published their “Hype Cycle for Information Governance and Master Data Management, 2016.” In this report, they discuss the current landscape of various Information Governance and MDM technologies, as well as give timelines for the proliferation and expected value of these technologies.

Many assertions of the report are in line with what our customers are reporting, but we have observed that the time-frames for many of these technologies may arrive sooner than than predicted by Gartner. Specifically, the Situational MDM timeline is the most out of line with what we have seen. Read more


Data is Useless

With the explosion of big data, companies are stockpiling data left and right as if a data drought were around the corner.

Without appropriate actions and processes, data is useless.

Read more


The Right To Be Forgotten: An MDM Solution

The ECJ (European Court of Justice) passed a law in May 2014 that states internet search engines must remove any information that is considered “inaccurate, inadequate, irrelevant or excessive”. With this leap forward in user’s rights to their own data, we must question how long it will be before this ‘right to be forgotten’ will not only apply to search engine data, but company data too. Is your company prepared for this?

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Recall Depends on Supply Chain Data Management

Late last Thursday I received a call from Costco telling me the frozen vegetable medley I purchased might have listeria contamination. It notified me of the CRF Foods recall and told me to throw out the vegetables or bring the bag in for a full refund. This was an impressive feat of customer service – not only did Costco identify the offending product in my purchase history but also offered a warning to avoid the item and refund to preemptively counter any complaints I might file to the giant warehouse retailer. They must have a good master data management system in place, I thought. Read more


Can Master Data Management Save the 2016 Election?

The recent controversy surrounding the New York City Board of Elections accidentally dropping 126,000 Brooklyn Democrats from voting polls reminds us that missteps in managing data can have far-reaching consequences. It is a reminder that many organizations need a Master Data Management (MDM) system to prevent (or recover from) a serious faux pas.

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How IoT Drives MDM Changes

According to analysts, the Internet of Things (IoT) is The Next Big Thing coming down the road. Sensors, mobile devices, wearables, connected machines. The list of use cases and the business projections seem endless today. A recent Gartner communication announced that in 2016, 5.5 million new “things” would get connected every day. This new flood of information forces us to review the (big) data processing architectures that we have today.

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Old News

Old News and Past Events

One of the well-visited pages on is the upcoming events page. It’s linked right off the main menu “Resources”.

Recently I have a few folks ask about finding past events. We’re usually looking forward, not back. So a list of past tradeshows seemed like low priority. But for anyone looking to see where we have come from, past master data management events are  available for browsing as well.