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During a Semarchy Proof of Value, organizations can expect:

  • Assess data quality to de-risk your strategy – utilizing live datasets, meaningful interaction between teams, and hands-on workshops with Semarchy xDM and xDI to inform you of data governance and integration approaches.
  • Validate business outcomes by justifying ROI – with data experts to refine initial business cases and requirements, delivering a measurable, meaningful set of business outcomes stakeholders can trust. 
  • Plan project roadmaps and set expectations – to increase adoption and sponsorship with realistic milestones, and project and iteration planning for optimal ROI and business outcomes.

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How our Proof of Value works

Using your data, we evaluate opportunities using our 6-step process. You get documented ROI analysis as well as data models, data quality analysis, risk analysis, and mitigation plans that can be used to improve your data management initiatives at any time.

1. Analysis Scope

We define your proof of value by focusing on outcomes important to business stakeholders. 

2. Data Selection

Using real or blinded data, we select a data subset to focus on outcomes important to your business stakeholders. 

3. Data Profiling

Using xDM and xDI, we’ll produce an in-depth profile of the data’s quality and provide curation recommendations. 

4. Goal Setting

Our data experts will define goals, metrics, KPIs, and processes to capture ROI from your data. 

5. Data Modeling

Agile modeling within the Intelligent Data Hub will produce a fully working app in fast sprints.

6. Demo Validation

Your teams will be able to interact with the solution, see the data, validate outcomes, and provide feedback.

Why do I need Master Data Management?

Did you know that over 25% of critical data used by the world’s top companies is flawed? Still, Enterprises often have a hard time justifying the value of a Master Data Management initiative.

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What the analysts are saying

Semarchy is a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Master Data Management Solutions (MDM). Learn why:

Market understanding: Semarchy has a strong understanding of the MDM market, and its longer-term strategy of positioning MDM as a core capability within a data management platform is in sync with the MDM market direction.”

Start simple, think big: Semarchy’s focus on providing an extensible platform that can support robust data management requirements within an easy-to-use and quick-time-to-value solution aligns well to a “start simple, think big” approach to MDM.
Cross-industry strengths: Semarchy demonstrates exceptional agility in its ability to flex to address a changing mix of vertical industries year over year. This is attributed to the operational strength of third-party partnerships rather than investment in vertically aligned direct sales resources.

What our customers are saying

In the last 12 months, Semarchy has the highest star rating on Gartner Peer Insights™ with 100% of customers recommending us. Learn why:

“I have been using Semarchy xDM for 6 years and I am a big fan of its agile management repository, material design, and intelligent algorithms which it uses to simplify for our data analysts.” – Program and Portfolio Manager in Services Industry

“Great company to work with. You will have direct conversations with the US leadership during the evaluation and ongoing. They arranged some flexible payment options for us and had very reasonable pricing tiers/structures as we expanded our footprint.” – Data & Analytics Manager in Retail Industry

“Overall, Semarchy xDM has been a positive experience for me. The user interface can be completely customized. In the application builder, I can create UI for data stewards, business users, and data analysts. This gives us a lot of flexibility in how we use the tool.” – Infrastructure and Operations Manager in Professional Services Industry

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