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Magic Quadrant Leader, 100% Would Recommend: Semarchy is the only 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Leader for Master Data Management to receive a Gartner Peer Index 100% rating from customers for willingness to recommend in the past 12 months.Not So Much
Most Platforms: Semarchy runs on Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, Microsoft Windows, AWS, Linux, and others.Not So Much: Profisee is mostly limited to Microsoft Azure Architecture.
Easy, Drag & Drop Workflow Configuration: Semarchy’s workflow development is contained within the Semarchy application and requires little to no configuration.Not So Much: Profisee requires a Microsoft Visual Studio developer for custom workflows.
Transparent, Controllable Costs: Semarchy pricing is based on the number of golden records in production. This is a cost you can control. Semarchy has no hidden fees. Clients can operate any number of instances, production or non-production such as Dev, Test, QA, UAT, DR, Clustered or non-clustered Prod, etc. You can have any number of:
  • Users
  • Domains
  • Data Sources
  • Number of Record Attributes
  • Data Targets
  • Pre-consolidation records
  • Child records to your base objects
You can have any required DR instances, deploy on any number of processors, physical or virtual.
Not So Much: With Profisee, each instance, domain and record can be an added cost.

Bottom Line: Semarchy, the only 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Leader for Master Data Management to receive a Gartner Peer Index 100% customer rating, is a better looking and easier to configure tool that has vastly superior matching, survivorship and data validation engine.

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“The value of seeing the ins and outs of Chipotle’s operations is priceless. You’re able to make faster decisions and that’s an advantage in this market.”

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Hogan Le
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High-performance, agile, and extensible data integration for all styles and use cases.

  • Challenge: Move data to the cloud and between applications, anywhere.
  • Solution: Enhanced address, demographic, and map data with Melissa and Google
  • Results: Saw digital and store traffic results in weeks
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