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Simplify Data Integration.

Semarchy xDI Data Integration for Snowflake.

  • Unify, integrate, analyze, and share previously siloed data with unlimited scale and concurrency.
  • Manage all data initiatives in a single environment.
  • Accelerate development with modular low-code design patterns
  • Leverage the power of the cloud with native push-down integrations for Snowflake

Discover how Semarchy Data Integration (xDI) reduces development time up to 80% and maintenance up to 300%.

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The Freedom of Fast and Flexible Data Integration

With Semarchy xDI for Snowflake, data connections are simple to build, easy to implement, and scalable to any size. We provide a simple and agile way to integrate data to Snowflake and use it to build solutions with:


Built-in templates simplify migration of all data without the need to design mapping for each entity.

Low Cost

With no hardware or user environment requirements, xDI for Snowflake is cost-effective, simple to learn and scalable to meet your growing data needs.


All templates are open for customization, allowing you to choose what to migrate, how to perform data conversions and enable reconciliations.


Universal Data Mapper and Snowflake Templates keep designs consistent as integrations and architectures change.

More than 75% of our customers feel they have increased production speed, becoming 10% to 20% faster than before. More than 1/3 of them think they have gained more than 20% in productivity.

Snowflake Data Integration

Expedite your Data Ingestion

Faster data migration means quicker access to the business benefits your team is looking for. As part of any data strategy, the ability to connect and read data from different technologies and file formats is key.

Simplify your integration with templates specifically designed for Snowflake, most of the code is already written so users can simply perform drag and drop to set up their integration pipelines.

With a unified data integration solution that can work with different kinds of architecture, platforms, technologies and sources, you can complete your Snowflake data ingestion and evolve your Information System’s architecture with complete freedom.

Reduce your TCO

With our ELT approach, Semarchy does not require specific hardware and does not restrict users to deploy in different environments. In addition, there is no restriction in number of sources, data volume, use cases or architectures – leveraging performance and optimizing your workloads for faster time to market and reduced costs.


Unify data integration types by allowing developers to move from one type of integration to another with the
same solution.


No requirement for new hardware to
implement and maintain. Take control over cost of ownership.


Pricing model based on actual working development effort and not on the number of sources, data volumes & integration pipelines handled.

Increase Productivity with Scalable, Flexible Design

Semarchy xDI provides users with a Universal Data Mapper for consistency across all data integrations between Snowflake and diverse source technologies.

With templates specifically designed for Snowflake, users can focus on the business rules from start to finish – from migration to analytics – increasing productivity and reducing redundancies. 

In addition, Snowflake can be set-up on cloud platforms like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Semarchy’s xDI component for Snowflake also provides users with a one-time metadata configuration, reducing overall design time and increasing your productivity.

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