Organization Data

Key Organization Centric Business Processes and how they benefit from MDM

A vast majority of time spent by corporations today is focused on the processes that involve your organization data – updating, onboarding, offboarding, and using it to comply with regulations. That’s why having the best information about your organization is critical in today’s economy and why Master Data Management is now so critical to you.

Below are just a few examples of organizational processes that depend on good, accurate and up-to-date customer information.

HR System Changes

Do changes in your HR system update some permissions, but miss others? Does this process involve manually going from system to system in order to ensure that your permission updates have been applied everywhere they should be? Many HR departments deal with this issue, and it is only exacerbated as your organization increases in size and complexity. The right MDM solution can streamline this process to not only save you time, but give you peace of mind knowing that the correct permissions have been applied, avoiding embarrassing mistakes.


Have you ever had recruits slip through the cracks? Have you had issues flagging potential employees or determining if they have applied previously? The right MDM can pull scattered recruitment information into a central hub, giving you a current, accurate view of your potential employees.


Has your company grown through acquisition? Will it? Do you struggle to onboard an entire acquired company into all of your various HR systems and link the correct permissions to the correct people? The right MDM solution can streamline this process by providing a central point to manage both the approval processes and your vital employee data.


Have you ever had an employee move on, but retain certain permissions in your system when they should have been completely removed? Have you calculated the potential exposure to lost IP or your reputation?  Without MDM, when an employee is off-boarded, necessary updates may not reach all of your systems. The right MDM solution will ensure that all permissions are efficiently updated.

These are just a few examples of organizational process that depend on good, accurate and up-to-date information. Other processes include on-boarding new employees, managing retirement and pension obligations, and tracking regulatory compliance. MDM is the only cost-effective solution to fully integrate and manage your employee and candidate hires.