Solutions Overview


Semarchy is singularly focused on creating value for our customers. Our value-driven approach is integral to how we engage with customers, how we support them, and how we partner with customers to maximize the effectiveness of their business processes. Every engagement starts with identifying a specific business process that could realize significant value through the implementation of an MDM solution. We look at business processes as the actions you take coupled with the knowledge supporting those actions. Value, whether it’s intended to optimize cost, improve risk management or increase revenue, is directly tied to specific business processes which rely on particular data. More detailed data (such as transaction or interaction data) leads to more valuable actions.

Agile and Value-Driven

Semarchy is committed to not only providing value, but providing value quickly. It’s why we have embraced an agile approach to doing business. Agile, by definition, forces collaboration between all key stakeholders to define and deliver solutions quickly. Our agile MDM approach has consistently delivered the first Iteration in weeks, enabling the business to demonstrate value to their customers. Read more about our Proof of Value (POV) process.

This approach is different from traditional MDM approaches that start with defining all the “core” information specific to a domain, which is a long and often contentious process. Agile MDM approaches the problem differently. Only the core data necessary to solve the specific business process is considered, along with any extended knowledge, legal and compliance data, including transaction data. This agile approach provides every “sprint” (using the language of Agile) the opportunity to realize significant value.

Agile, Value-Driven Solutions

Semarchy solutions are defined by looking at the key data and knowledge necessary to solve any particular business challenge. All business processes, at their core, depend on data from one or more of the areas outlined below. As you look into each of these solutions, try to identify the specific business processes that are key to you. Find the processes which will generate the most value for you and your enterprise.

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