Customer Focus

Having a holistic understanding of a customer, and all their interactions with your organization, enables a business to prevent churn, maximize renewals and minimize customer acquisition costs. xDM brings the semantic consistency to gather CRM, ERP, Product, and other systems, pulling relevant transactional and analytical data to help make better decisions, protect the brand, and maximize loyalty.

  • Customer Support / Customer On-boarding
  • Cross-Sell & Up-Sell
  • Churn Analysis
  • Renewal management
  • Address Augmentation
  • Seamlessly connect to any data source
  • Standardization & enrichment with 3rd party validation/augmentation tools
  • “Fuzzy”Match & merge for disconnected silos of information
  • Enable users within business units to become data stewards


Intelligent Match & Merge

Automatically standardize, enrich, fuzzy-match/merge customer data to transform stewards into champions.

Scalability & Extensibility

Cloud/on-prem deployments scale to 100s of million of records. Combine data with external data providers.

Hierarchies & Graphs

Maintain dynamic relationships, multiple hierarchies; navigate graphs for cross-upsell optimization.

Collaborative Governance

Ensure regulatory compliance/traceability of customer-facing processes. Connect business-critical applications.

Semarchy Clients

Infographic: Know your Customers Better Than They Know Themselves

Customer retention, upselling and cross-selling relies on good data management.
In order to build a meaningful relationship with your customers, you need to know who they are. In order to know who they are, you must have Master Data Management.

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Electronics Success Story

A large electronics manufacturing corporation had a vision for how they could be using customer data to grow sales, improve customer relationships, and enhance the performance of their products.

Best Practices in MDM Customer Solutions from The Entity Group

The Entity Group is an international leader in managing master data management programs. Hear from the experts about the most important points you should keep in mind as you consider your MDM deployment. Learn how to avoid the most costly difficulties and what benefits to expect from cleanly mastering your customer data.