Operations Management

Data beats within the heart of an enterprise – from order management, manufacturing, and purchasing to billing, Accounts Receivable/Payable. Mastering this type of data goes beyond integration — it requires a unified discipline that simultaneous ensures streamlined reporting and powers analytical decision support systems. xDM brings the semantic consistency to gather your ERP, facilities management, HR, and other systems, while providing the flexibility of standard API-based integration or an easy, business-centric application interface to governing any kind of data.
  • Compensation Management
  • HR Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Locally-Maintained Data Management (e.g. Country of Origin)
  • Procurement Systems
  • Budgeting
  • Partner Relations
  • Growth Management
  • Facilities
  • Standardize data between HR management software and other internal systems (like CRM access, finance, etc.)
  • Integrate locally maintained data with other internal systems
  • Expose only relevant data with Partner systems and ensure data accuracy
  • Match & merge disconnected systems containing operational information
  • Ensure data accuracy between finance systems and budgeting systems


Multi-vector xDM

Maintain taxonomies, external and internal reference data, hierarchies, organization, location and any data in a single platform.

Collaborative Workflows

Cloud/on-Engage multiple business functions in data-driven processes. Convert data consumers into data producers.

Integration and APIs

Capture and share data where required. Enforce policies at the point of entry and secure data distribution.

Agile Design

Quickly design processes and policies meeting business requirements. Measure efficiency, adapt and iterate.

Semarchy Clients


Field Report for RDM Whitepaper

Reference Data Management is a major IT initiative being undertaken by a large number of market-leading global 5000 enterprises. Both as an IT discipline and a commercial off-the-shelf software solution, RDM solutions are being brought to market at an increasing pace. Additionally, RDM is a good entry-level project to show success for initial MDM investment […]

Digital Realty Success Story

Digital Realty (NYSE: DLR) is a data center solutions company that provides scalability, cross-connectivity, and colocation for a wide variety of data ecosystem products across its secure, network- rich portfolio of data centers. Leveraging xDM, DLR has enabled data champions within business units to curate, refine and improve the trusted information on which the business […]

Mike Ferguson and The Business Value of Master Data

Uncontrolled master data can wreak havoc on your business, yet many business professionals don’t understand why data management is relevant to their day job. Inability to prevent data anomalies will force you to address them manually, and will hurt your business’s competitiveness. Master Data Management is the only efficient way to prevent and address these […]