Risk & Compliance

Striking a balance between access to information for business users, and the privacy and audit control required to maintain effective information governance can’t be an “all or nothing” battle. Achieving operational efficiency, while limiting the possibility of fraud or other losses, and guaranteeing regulatory compliance is a business imperative. xDM has been built from the ground-up with a flexible, collaborative data governance model that is fully integrated with hybrid domain, style, and MDM use case. From day one of a Proof-of-Value, through the iterative implementation process governance is a core component – not an afterthought.
  • GDPR
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • Loss Prevention (formerly Fraud Scams)
  • Regulatory Changes
  • Government Reporting
  • Provide data lineage for straightforward auditability
  • Traceable data governance and logging capabilities
  • Access control management
  • Integration between transactional (e.g., POS) and analytical (e.g. reporting) systems



Agile Governance

Maintain enforced and documented governance policies to embrace new regulations faster.

Intelligent Match & Merge

Create 360 view of parties and products to enable fraud detection; accurate risk management.

Processes Integrity

Manage multiple domains in a single hub to ensure consistency, accuracy, completeness, traceability of data/processes.

Trusted & Secured

Define, enforce, and integrate data access policies with corporate security standards.

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Turning GDPR into an Opportunity

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to begin enforcement in 18 months. This legislation strengthens data protection protocols to give European Union (EU) residents more control over their personal information, including the famous ‘right to be forgotten’.

GDPR and Evolutionary Master/ Reference Data Management

The EU has imposed new legislation on data protection giving people more control over their personal information including the right to be forgotten online. It aims to give citizens back control over their data. It also means companies could face huge fines for breaching the new law.

In addition, individuals must be notified in a comprehensive manner if their data is to be processed and or transferred to another service provider.

Recall Depends on Supply Chain Data Management

It notified me of the CRF Foods recall and told me to throw out the vegetables or bring the bag in for a full refund. This was an impressive feat of customer service – not only did Costco identify the offending product in my purchase history but also offered a warning to avoid the item and refund to preemptively counter any complaints I might file to the giant warehouse retailer.