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As one of the fastest growing restaurant chains, Chipotle Mexican Grill is mastering everything from the freshest menu ingredients of any national chain to the tax, regulatory, and management specifics for each of their, over 2,250 stores. With Semarchy, Chipotle was able to shift control of data from IT to the business user, leading to increased data accuracy, decreased system reaction time, and increased the quality of customer service.

Leveraging the xDM platform, Chipotle’s business units are empowered to be more proactive with systems that can react faster; users can manage the data all without the need to translate specific business domain knowledge into ‘IT speak’ before updates are made. Recently, Chipotle spoke about how they implemented xDM, and gave business units more control, with an iterative approach to MDM and a collaborative data governance system. Learn more in this blog article.

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