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Thames Valley Housing

Thames Valley Housing

Like many of the housing associations across the UK, Thames Valley Housing sees data all over. Tenants, properties, and housing need to master data that relates to compliance requirements, such as repair work and fire risk assessments. TVHA leverages xDM to offer a superior service to their citizenry.

There are over 1174 Housing Associations in England. Of these, 763 operate as part of a group structure, 411 are single entities.

TVHA is a non-profit group that build, own, let and manage housing in the Thames Valley and surrounding suburbs of London, whose purpose is to offer affordable housing and give the best possible service to their citizens.

TVHA leveraged a Proof-of-Value (PoV) to jump-start their first phase of implementation. The PoV addressed their need to have a definitive view of their contractual obligations in terms of fire risk assessment to meet government-stipulated regulations for safety across all their owned and managed properties. xDM addressed this fairly complex master data requirement, with the granularity and governance obliged by this essential application.

It was important for TVHA to find a technology that fits with their Customer Experience Strategy, a long-term plan to continue improving the services and access for Thames Valley citizens. Future components of the application of xDM at TVHA are intended to include Out of hours property services, Estate management tree surgery, Supplier oversight statutory repairs, and much more.

Learn more about how TVH used xDM to tackle their housing challenges.

Finally, watch the presentation and download the slides given at Gartner Data & Analytics summit in London on how TVH Powered a better vision of social housing with Intelligent Data Management.

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