xDI Remote Learning


$1000 / £850 / €975 per person
Image by DCStudio on Freepik


Advanced training in the use of the xDI Data Integration tool including the development xDI templates and components. It is intended for xDI developers who already have significant experience.

Who Should Attend

Project Managers


  • Completion of the Developing with xDI course or equivalent experience validated by XDI.
  • In-depth knowledge of databases (SQL language) and programming with the ability to use scripting and/or programming languages.
  • Recommend a minimum of 6 months experience with XDI.
  • Practice of projects with the XDI solution over a minimum period of 6 months (or proof of sufficient equivalent experience).

Training Overview

1. Creating Metadata-Driven Templates

  • XPath
  • "tech:" and "ref:" functions
  • Metadata links and %x generation
  • Repetition queries
  • Generation conditions (Link and Actions)
  • Parameters: List of Values, References
  • %xsl and xsl variables

2. Session Variables

  • Session variables and ${}$
  • SQLToParameters
  • Scripting (Actions, %e, %b and %s)
  • __ctx__ object

3. Execution Flow

  • Execution type (Successful, Unsuccessful, Anyway)
  • Restart point
  • Binding
  • Execution Condition

4. Metadata Variables

  • %{ }%
  • Variable Manager
  • Use of Variables in Metadata
  • Use of Variables in Mappings

5. Mapping Templates

  • Mapping metadata
  • .tpc Files

6. Advanced Development Techniques

  • Rdbms
  • SQL Operation and connection management
  • Parallelism
  • Files
  • Multi-record files
  • Hierarchical Files